Our history

Our history

Kéhli Mama opened the fairy-tale like restaurant in the heart of Óbuda in 1899. Our famous writer Gyula Krúdy was also a regular guest, and the atmosphere of the old days is still felt today. Stop by for a taste of the romance of the past and delicious food.

Dear guests

Welcome to the "storyteller" house, where in the spring of 1899 the hard-working and hospitable Kéhli family opened their small restaurant, and ran it with such care that the name Kéhli Mama became a byword in her lifetime. 

More than a quarter of a century has passed since the disappearance of the old Old Town, with its land-locked homes, its masterpieces, its tiny shops, its little pubs that attracted bohemian artisans, lovelorn young ladies. Here, its citizens of Swabian and Jewish origin lived side by side in respectable esteem with their Hungarian neighbours. Surrounded by a few houses of a similar age, the Kéhli Inn today preserves a small island of the past among these faceless cube houses. Thanks to its once famous regular guest, the great Hungarian writer Gyula Krúdy, it has survived destruction and survived.

 A poet of scents, flavours, colours and lovelorn beauties, Mr Gyula Krúdy still lingers and enchants us with his words within these walls. He evokes the atmosphere of simple human joys, the power of everyday celebrations of friendship and love, which it is a great pleasure to be a part of in the new millennium.

Dear Guests! We invite you to often visit this more than a hundred years old house and bring with you all those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the stomach
- in addition to the donations from Hungarian bourgeois kitchens and cellars, which can also be found here
-They long for a dancing, singing party, entrusting the joy and sorrow of the soul to violin and accordion. 

We wish you a good appetite and a pleasant stay,
the Cecei family and the small team of Kéhli!

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04 - The Menu

Life on the farm

We thought we would organise a visit to Tanya!

Are you interested in this type of programme?

Want to see where we get our fresh fruit and vegetables from?  

Then we would have a nice meal. 


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